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Letter from Eliot Fisk to YGW

From Left to Right: Devin Ulibarri, Eliot Fisk, and Robert Wang.
From Left to Right: Devin Ulibarri, Eliot Fisk, and Robert Wang.
We just received this last night from Eliot Fisk, one of the world’s leaders for classical guitar!
YGW has become an absolutely vital part of Boston GuitarFest and in fact an important event on the Boston cultural calendar. Involving young people in passionate music making is not just good for their development and advantageous to their future, but it makes our country and our world a better place. YGW’s knowledgeable, passionate, and unique faculty invariably create a welcoming and nurturing environment while challenging the young to surpass themselves. Parents and kids will want to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity for joyous music making on the world’s most popular instrument—the guitar!
–Eliot Fisk March 12th, 2015 http://www.eliotfisk.com/

YGW Launches New Website

We are excited to GO LIVE!  YGW is a family-oriented music organization and we invite you to join us! This website was created using WordPress, which is Free Software. If you want to download the source files and create your own website, go to https://wordpress.org/ to find the latest version and instructions. We share this information with you because we wish to empower our students in every way possible. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the website design and functionality, please contact website@ygwboston.org