2015-02-25 YGW Newsletter




Letter from YGW Team

Dear YGW Parents, both seasoned and new! We hope you are off to another great week in these frigid conditions. We’re confident the snow will melt before June. There are a few events we would like to remind you of, including: 1) YGW Weekend Workshop from April 24-26, 2015 2) 4th Annual Young Guitarists’ Workshop at Boston Guitarfest from June 15-21, 2015 We strongly encourage you to sign your children up for these TWO unforgettable events!!! More than just opportunities to refine musical concepts and skills on the guitar, YGW weekend workshop and YGW at Boston Guitarfest will integrate your children into a community of likeminded families and students. We want these relationships to be lasting and meaningful. For this reason, we have specially organized additional workshops during the school year. April Weekend workshop registration: http://www.ygwboston.org/register-for-ygw/april-weekend-workshop-2015/ Summer YGW at Boston Guitarfest registration: http://www.ygwboston.org/register-for-ygw/summer-workshop-at-boston-guitarfest/ Please register BEFORE March 16th to get the Early Bird Special price of $150 for the YGW Weekend workshop. Stay warm and see you soon! Best wishes, Adam Levin, Devin Ulibarri and Will Riley
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